interested in utilizingyour open space
as a temporary luggage storage space for travelers?

air locker is a service that utilizes shop space for travelers to store their luggage temporarily.

What are the benefits?
There are many!
  1. Additional income

    By allowing luggage to be stored in your empty space, you will earn extra money.Your dead space will transformand generate income.
  2. Attract more customers

    Offer additional services to the guests who come to drop off their luggage,increasing your business opportunity.
  3. Easy storage process

    All you have to do is take a few photos of the luggage to be stored and save it.A feasible operationeven when you are busy.
  4. Protected by insurance

    If by any chance customers’ luggage is lost, damaged, or stolen, it will be covered by insurance, so you will have comfort in knowing you are protected when holding on to customer’s luggage.
  5. Advertising opportunity

    We will also shoulder the responsibility of advertising your shop, a great opportunity for the world to get to know your shop.We will effectively introduce you toa new crowd of people.
What is the cost to use this service?
There is no cost!
sign up fee
maintenance costs
fee for closing shop listing
as part of your usage fee,the commission fee is deducted and the remaining total amountwill be paid to you.

Participating will increase your shop’s profit margin.

The chance to advertise to travelers from around the world is an additional benefit!

Usage fee chart
What should I do?
Please take a look at the simple process
  1. Register
    Information you need for registration
    Please enter your personal information, shop information, and bank deposit account name on the site. Our company will check and submit details on how to start using the service. From that moment you are operational.
    Registration terms
    One staff member must be present at the shop or in the space at all times. An area that can only fit 1 suitcase qualifies as “space”. You can adjust at any time the number of suitcases that fit your space.
    Areas you can register
    Supported areas are the 23 wards of Tokyo. In the near future, we plan to expand throughout Japan. Please inquiry us about possible expansion areas.
  2. Accept guest reservations
    Accept a reservation
    An automated email notification will be sent to your registered email address when a guest makes a reservation. Login to our services and after reviewing the reservation please prepare for the customer’s arrival.
    When you want to decline a reservation request
    Please indicate the days the store/space is closed under “Closed settings” first. You can also change the settings for pick up hours, so it is recommended to enter the shop hours in the settings.
    Registered users are not only Japanese but foreigners as well. But do not worry if you cannot speak their language, everything from reservation to transaction is conducted through the site.
  3. Check-in and Check-out on the reservation day
    When the guest checks-in
    Please ask the customer for their name and verification details to confirm. Once they have been confirmed, please take photos of their luggage and then you are finished checking them in.
    Customer has not arrived at their reservation time
    Customers can cancel or change their reservation up to the day before, however, if they cancel on the day of, you will still receive payment.
    The guest has not returned for pick-up
    If customers do not come to pick up their luggage during store hours, they will be charged extra for the extended time. If customers do not claim their luggage after an entire day or longer, airlocker will come to collect the luggage.
  4. Payment
    Payment method
    Once check-out is complete the customer’s registered credit card will be charged, so no cash should be exchanged at the shop. Money will be wired to the shop owner’s registered bank account.
    If you are asked to pay in cash
    All transactions are paid with credit cards so there is no reason to pay with cash.
    All payments will be settled at the end of the month and paid to your registered account the following month.
Is there insurance?
Is there insurance?
air locker
airlocker will support its affiliate shop owners and airlocker users to make sure they feel secure using the service.With the support of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. Insurance Companypartners and users will be insured so users of the service will not have to worry.
What to do if my luggage gets lost?
airlocker will take responsibility on behalf of the shop and reimburse you for the lost luggage.
(1 luggage covered up to 200,000 yen (market value))
What to do if my luggage is returned damaged?
airlocker will take responsibility on behalf of the shop and reimburse you for the damaged luggage
(1 luggage covered up to 200,000 yen (market value)
Is everything stored insured?
Not everything. Valuables such as cash, jewelry, precious metals, etc. are not covered.
(valuables stored in your luggage are also not covered)
Are possessions inside the luggage insured too?
Possessions inside your luggage (bags, etc.) are insured.
(excluding goods that are not covered)
How much will the insurance cover?
The insurance will cover up to 200,000 yen (market value)
Are there things that are not covered by the insurance?
Valuables such as cash, jewelry, precious metals, etc. are not covered.
If I am met with damages who will be inusring me?
airlocker will cover your damages.
If I am met with damages who do I contact?
Please contact airlocker and the affiliate shop.
If I am met with damages how do I report it?

Signing up is quick and easy!
Airlocker will transform your unused space into a practical and useful function while using your time efficiently, so go ahead and give us a try!

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it will be open to the public and publicized on your public profile.

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only you can view it. It will not be shared anywhere.

insert the correct zip code and the corresponding address row will be automatically filled.

A host shop, or listing, is an available space to store luggage provided by a host or shop.

about dispatch

please put a check if you are able to dispatch to a request.

rest assured

Message with the guest to determine if they are within dispatch proximity, etc. and then decide.
If you feel uncomfortable or it is not possible to dispatch to the guest you can decline the request.